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Clearance SALE all must go discount up to 90% !!

Clearance SALE all must go discount up to 90% !!

Marine Luminous Black Pearl Balancing Mask(10pcs)


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One pack contains cleansing foam, mask and face cream, three simple steps to get deep cleansing, moisturizing, whitening and moisturizing effects! Infused with black pearl extract, deep ocean water in Gangwon Province and five kinds of marine essence to create a healthy and radiant glow.


This 3-step mask features an essence, a sheet mask, and an eye cream all in one convenient to-go pack. Each step contains a unique, rich blend of 5 seaweed extracts to deeply nourish the skin. Pearl extracts work to balance and brighten the complexion for a more even skin tone. Use while traveling or at home for a deep hydrating boost!


Product Features:

  • Step 1: Marine deep pore cleaning foam with the color of black pearl is the delicate foam penetrates into the pores to remove dirt, let the skin becomes clean and fresh.
  • Step 2: The marine luminous mask is made of soft black mask cloth, which fits closely to the skin. The source of black pearl nutrients is injected into the skin base for water-oil balancing. 
  • Step 3: Marine Bright Cream can tighten and brighten skin, leaving skin more delicate and smooth.


How to use:

Step 1: Layer the cleaning foam with water and massage on the face then rinse off. 

Step 2: Put on the mask for 15- 20 minutes. Remove the mask and pat remaining essence into your skin. 

Step 3: Apply face cream on the whole face evenly.